Important Sex Tips From Sex Workers That Everyone Can Apply

When you work on your three-point shot technique and you need advice, who are you gonna call? Well, probably nobody, but if you had the opportunity, you’d ask an NBA player to help you out. After all, they’re earning a living out of making those three-pointers, so they ought to know what they’re doing, right? So why wouldn’t you apply the same logic when it comes to bettering your sex game? Sex workers who work in the industry surely know a thing or two about being good at it.

Obviously, having better stamina or being more proficient at different positions is a bit of a workout. You need to have some experience and practice to last longer, and that’s all up to you. While they can’t teach you to hold your cum, they can provide some valuable sex tips that can enhance your sex life in general. Before we go into what we can learn from them, let’s see why they would be a good source of information.

Sex Workers’ Experience in Both Pleasure and Caution

As we’ve already said, having sex is their job. As they do it daily while also trying to become better at it, they know how to handle things. Simply put, they’re (most probably) more experienced than you are and will know some tips and tricks you’re unaware of. And by tips and tricks, we’re not talking about giving pleasure. Sure, they can tell you what to do with your tongue to give a better blowjob, but that’s not where their expertise ends.

Recently, mostly thanks to sex workers’ presence on social media and the internet, there’s been a lot of action toward the decriminalization of sex work. For instance, New Zealand became the first country to decriminalize prostitution in 2003. In the United States, so far, only Nevada finds sex work legal. Nonetheless, it’s no secret you can find service throughout the country. As a result, there are some regulations sex workers have to go through to keep their working conditions safe and healthy.

Sex workers can tell you there’s more to having safe sex than just putting a condom on. For instance, you should make sure your bodies are clean (use a douche). You should also check if you have any wounds that could lead to infections.

You Cannot Have Enough Lube

Lube, lube, lube! That’s your sex tip number one. People often neglect using lubricant and decide just to push through the discomfort “lubeless” intercourse comes with. It’s similar to stretching after a workout; you can neglect it, but you’ll end up in pain eventually. The difference here is that the pain is instant.

For some unknown reason, women often feel ashamed if their vagina is not lubricated enough. Don’t be foolish. Applying lube will make your sex life more pleasurable, not to mention that it will get rid of the pain and potential harm that comes from too much friction. Lube is particularly vital for anal sex because our butts don’t naturally lubricate.

Sex Is Better With Boundaries

Another thing we can learn from sex workers is to be open in our communications regarding sex. Yes, vanilla sex is great, but if you’re not doing what you’re fantasizing about, your sex life won’t reach its peak. You should articulate your kinks and desires to your partner and see if they’re willing to explore them with you. But, as those of you who are into BDSM already know, setting boundaries to those kinks is equally important.

As with everything in life, there are limits to how much we enjoy a specific thing. And these limits vary from person to person. Let’s say, for instance, you’re into BDSM, and you like when your partner gives you a bit of fun-loving pain. If they overdo it, it won’t be pleasurable anymore; it’ll be regrettable. You should let them know when to stop. Remember — sex is fantastic, so long as both of you are having a wonderful time doing it.

Female Ejaculation Can Prevent Infections

Female ejaculation, commonly known as squirting, is not just some watersports show for guys. Apart from being pleasurable for the girl, it also serves an additional purpose. For those of you who don’t know, female ejaculation is “expulsion of fluid” from your vagina. Basically, you get a man to do his finger-popping technique on you. At first, you’ll feel like you’re going to pee, and then, the fun starts.

Now, a regular female orgasm, unlike a male’s, doesn’t produce any ejaculate you dish out of your vagina. By squirting, you make liquid come out of the pussy, and that liquid takes any potential bacteria with it. Additionally, squirting produces a secretion that protects your urethra. As a result, that can help you prevent urinary tract infections, which is something you really want to avoid.

Roleplay Is Helpful

If, for whatever reason, you need some help to make yourself (and your partner) horny and in the mood, roleplay can be your friend. Also, even if you can still have fun without it, roleplay sex is an excellent way to spice things up and keep it interesting. Of course, as always, both of you need to be into it. For example, let’s say you’re into animal play, and your partner isn’t. They will find themselves barking with a tail attached to their butt, feeling awkward, and questioning their life choices.

But if you have a willing partner, roleplay can help us get hornier psychologically. We get away from our regular selves for a bit, which helps us explore things sexually and experience new sensations.

Know Your Own Body

Remember what we said about boundaries? Well, apart from psychological ones, you should also know what limits your body has. The best way to enjoy sex is to understand what your body is and isn’t capable of. Additionally, exploring yourself will give you a better idea of what you enjoy the most, which you can then relay to your partner for maximum pleasure.

Try Dirty Talk

Verbal encouragement can really set the mood and ready people to have the time of their lives. Dirty talk doesn’t necessarily have to involve name-calling (although it can); it’s just about suggesting what you want your partner to be doing. Using “dirty words” puts our brains into a sexy mood, and, consequently, our bodies will feel more sensitive and open to having fun.