20 Things to Note Before Becoming a Good Escort in 2020

Adult entertainment industry is huge. There’s a lot of free porn. Truth be told, a vast majority of free porn is unethical. To compete with amateurs, professionals are pandering to certain disturbing, addictive, violent, abusive and misogynistic fetishes. There are loads of videos that simulate rape.

One of the many perils of this adult entertainment industry is the phenomenal growth of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking doesn’t entail consensual sex work. A few sex traffickers may work as prostitutes owing to coercion. Of course, a few women may become prostitutes by choice. In case of an escort, sex is always consensual.

There are many differences between a prostitute and an escort. If you are new to escorting, you should learn how to be a good escort.

#1: Location Services

Clients can be abominable bastards. They may want to track your calls and keep an eagle eye on your phone activity. Use a pre-paid phone. Turn off all your location services.

If you have an iPhone, under ‘Settings’, you can disable location services. Android phones also have similar provisions.

#2: True Identity

Do not disclose your true name and residential address to your clients. If your clients insist, be smart and dodge their request / concern. If they continue to annoy, lie through your teeth. For all intents and purposes, use a pseudo name.

#3: Payments

The industry standard is to accept cash. Do not accept any cheques, money orders, credit card and debit card payments. Cheques may bounce and money orders may get delayed. More importantly, a stop payment can be put on money orders. Credit and debit card transactions can be disputed by clients. Clients are glib talkers. It’s recommended to accept cash.

#4: Verification

It’s important to verify the identity of clients before making yourself available to them. If you feel that a particular client is hiding a lot of information, proceed with great caution. Unless and until you are sure, do not discuss anything about your range of offerings.

A few clients may mistake your escort agency for a brothel. Ask your clients to visit your website for more information.

#5: Website

An escort service agency without any online representation is valueless. Build your escort website with xScorts, an Escort Management Software. Right from payment processors and premium content to advanced filters and deep customization, xScorts has great features to help you build your escort empire.

#6: Companionship

Remember, escorts aren’t glorified prostitutes. Companionship and consensual sex are two important things that distinguish between a prostitute and an escort. Build a strong rapport with your clients.

#7: Health

Health dictates the longevity of your career in this industry. You should be fit, hale and healthy. Clients may take you out for a dinner. Do not indulge in too much wine and alcohol. Your liver may get affected.

Sometimes, clients may force you to smoke. Just smile and politely decline the cigar. If they insist, explain that you are allergic to smoke and exposure to it may cause nausea and vertigo.

#8: Timings

Often there are questions asked as to how to become a successful escort. To become a successful escort, one must stick to timings. Consistency in work timings is appreciated. Do not get carried away with money.

Picture this scenario for a while – You had spent 6 hours with a client. If you make yourself available for another 5 / 6 hours, you may not be able to enjoy your work. In essence, do not stretch yourself. Hectic timings may affect your health and performance.

#9: Safety

It’s important to carry the best brand of condoms with you. No matter what, never compromise on your safety. A few clients may insist you to take pills and chuck out condoms. A few other clients may force you to take drugs. Learn to say ‘NO’. Ambience should be hygienic.

Define your health and hygiene protocol. No matter what, stick to it. In the process of establishing and reinforcing bonds of relationship with clients, do not risk your health and hygiene.

#10: Services

Beginner escorts and professional escorts should offer anal, BDSM and other types of services only if they are comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable pandering to different niches, at the very outset, you should make it clear to your clients.

#11: Venue and Locality

Clients may take you to unknown venues and localities. A few venues are safe. A few venues aren’t. Always use a driver. As an integral part of standard safety protocol, you are required to be in touch with your escorts agency administrator / manager at regular intervals of time. Let your client know that. Do not get carried away. Clients can be inglorious bastards!

#12: Deportment

Wear appropriate outfits. In other words, dress appropriately for the work occasion. By all means, you cannot wear the same outfit when you dine, wine and 69 (a sexual position in which two people orally please each other)

#13: Escort Jargon

You should keep yourself abreast of glossary of industry terms and jargon. For instance, DT stands for Deep Throat, BJ stands for Blow Job and BBBJ stands for Bare Back Blow Job. Here’s an escort trick – keep using these terms frequently when interacting with your clients. You will be able to remember, learn and master the escort jargon.

#14: Scammers

I’m not scaring you. Truth be told, this industry is brimming with potential scammers. More often than not, scammers mask themselves as potential clients. They promise to provide life changing ideas / deals in return of free services. Naïve and gullible beginner escorts often fall prey to them. Do you intend to fall prey to them?

#15: Regular Patrons

Here’s an escort trick on how to become a good escort: Good escorts identify their regular patrons. A good escort pays attention to the client’s tastes and preferences such as favorite food, color etc. and remembers important dates such as birthdays. When escorts remember personal things of clients, clients feel elated.

#16: Money

A certain portion of money should be paid by the clients well in advance. It’s better to be pro-active. Keep your money, phone and other belongings safely. Rip-off incidents are quite common. Exercise great caution.

#17: Health Checkups

It’s important to get your health checkups done regularly. A vast majority of STDs can be treated easily if diagnosed in the early stages. Let me iterate – Use condoms, pills and intrauterine devices. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

#18: SWOP

SWOP stands for Sex Worker Outreach Project. Engage in talks with representatives of SWOP. SWOP representatives are usually present in countries such as Germany and UK. European nations are usually considered safe destinations for escorts.

#19: Registered Agencies

Always work with registered escort agencies. This industry is rife with illegal / unregistered agencies. Work with them at your own peril. Always ask for business registration number. Business registration numbers vary from one country to another. Acquaint yourself with the laws in your area.

#20: Read

Keep reading blogs, industry guides and consulting notes. The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become. Reach out to experienced escorts and seek their advice. Always have help at your beck and call.

Now that you know how to become a good escort, what’s stopping you from taking the plunge? Keep your safety above everything else.