Self-Care Tips for Female Escort

People spend a significant amount of time thinking about how to become a sex worker. But, not many of them think about what it all involves.

Stress during work is common in any workplace, and this one is no exception. If you want to be a successful escort, you have to know how to deal with everything thrown at you.

You have to know when the right time to step back is. As sex education is limited, you have to find about self-care information elsewhere. Luckily, this article has all must-read tips for any reputable escort.

Regular Check-Ups

Whether you’re working as a full time or part-time escort, check-ups are important.

That is especially the case if you offer services of sexual nature. We know you’re staying safe — using protection shouldn’t even be up for debate. Nevertheless, you need to pay your doctor a visit. Multiple times per year too!

If you’re working as a freelance escort, how many times you go is up to you. However, if you’re working for an agency, they will have a standard to maintain. What does that mean? They will tell you how many times you need to get checked. That can be around 3–4 times per year or more if they think it is necessary.

The sex industry isn’t a breeze to be in. STDs aren’t the only things you can wind up getting. Some clients can wind up being too aggressive. While you can get out of dangerous situations, you can still end up with some injuries, even if by accident.

Regular check-ups will ensure you’re at your optimal health. Your doctor will also provide all the information you need regarding how to protect yourself properly.

Mental Health Support

Building mental health support consists of many things. One of the best female escort tips we can give you, though, is to talk to other escorts.

Of course, you can confide in your friends as well. Go for them for support and some mental relaxation. But fellow escorts are much more likely to understand and offer the support you need.

Escorting can be mentally draining, mainly because of all of the stigma surrounding it. Imagine having to tell people what you do for a living and wondering if they will judge. Having to explain it’s not what they think every single time just for them to dismiss you. Just the thought of that is exhausting.

That’s why talking to others can be especially helpful. Ask how they’re coping. Ask for what kind of mental health support they have. Nobody will shun you just because you’re seeking help. The same applies if you’re an online sex worker too. Everyone needs to unwind and escape from their work for a little bit.

If all else fails, you can always seek a professional therapist. You should not settle for the first one you see. Instead, find the one you really have a good connection with.

Taking a Break

If escorting is your only source of income, this might be a little scary, but it’s okay to step back and take a break from time to time.

Now, we’re not saying you should quit your job for a while. The difference is in how you’re employed. If you’re a freelancer, then you can give yourself a break whenever you need it. However, if you work for a pimp or an agency, things can be a little different.

Not that much different, though — a reliable agency will want to cater to their workers. That means allowing them breaks when they feel like they need them.

What does taking a break mean? Exactly what it sounds like. You’re off from work for a while, and you don’t have to stress about it. You’re free to do all the things you usually don’t have the time for.

Maybe you enjoy art but don’t have time for it. Maybe you need to stay at home and do nothing. That’s perfectly fine and valid too. Being an escort demands a high level of extrovert-ness, as well as a lot of high energy required to please people. Naturally, doing that for a long time can be exhausting.

Grooming and Personal Care Shopping

Another great sex worker tip is — splurge and treat yourself to something nice. You’ve heard that right! That is probably the part of sex work every woman thinks of first.

The pampering that goes with this line of work is enjoyable, to say the least. However, you’re not spoiling yourself just for the sake of it. You always have to be at your very best. Having to look your best at all times can be quite exhausting too.

What does that entail? Having your nails, hair, and makeup done for every single occasion. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? It brings us to having an impeccable skincare routine, too. Proper diets and exercise are a huge part as well, not only because you will look better but feel better too.

Looking good will for sure boost your spirit. You’ll feel better, be more lively, and more motivated to do your job right. Maintaining it can be a bit challenging and require a certain level of motivation. Imagine having clients, coming home, and having to do exercise or skincare routines.

What sounds like a breeze to some can be a drag to someone else. That’s why this line of work chooses you instead of you choosing it.


Like every other type of work, this too can exhaust you both mentally and physically. Everyone can use a little break from time to time. Sex workers are no different.

Social media paints this picture of escorts always living their best life and just having the time of their lives. It’s important to know that they get stressed too. This job also has its dark sides, the sides people don’t usually talk about since they’re not so appealing. They never are.

Thankfully, there are simple self-care tips you can apply that will help you cope with your stressful workplace.