My husband just bought me my very first butt plug it was like a surprise present. It gave me happiness and pleasure. I felt very relaxed, the back massage was wonderful and the sensuality came naturally, without any pressures. Made me feel free and discover new sensations. The first time I used it I was very happy that I have overcame my initial fears and concerns. It´s not every day you feel you have been in the Moon.


My new anal plug made my womanifest every opportunity into a sublime state. I experienced a profound opening in my heart that has begun quite a journey for me in the heart space. To listen to it and not be afraid of the fire that can arise inside. See it as a purification of light to remove all shame, doubt, guilt and fear. My sex life has never been so much better!


My husband and I have purchased matching butt plugs, several beautiful corsets and a few babydolls. All of these items fit perfectly just the way they should! I love what you all do to make me feel beautiful and excite my husband.

-Carol and Ron Tyler

Using a butt plug gifted me. I learned to consciously relax the knots in my body due to stress. It was completely orgasmic! I felt empowered and spiritually high through untethering parts of my body using my breath and the Jade Egg.


Anal plugs have changed my life! Orgasm used to seem out of my reach if it didn’t include a vibrator and the right state of mind. They have transformed my ability to feel pleasure. The large ones are my favorite. I love how their size and weight have strengthened my anal muscles. Over time they’ve given me increased lubrication, sex drive, vaginal orgasms, and explosive combination clitoral and vaginal orgasms. I honestly can’t imagine my life, or sex life, without these toys.