Ways to Use Anal Hooks During Intercourse

Various toys have been part of almost every BDSM relationship for ages. If you are looking to try out something new, anal hooks might be a perfect choice. While many are already familiar with butt plugs, cock rings, and other sex toys, anal hooks are not as mainstream. 

Here, we will go through everything you need to know about these unique sex toys, how to use them, and what to avoid to ensure you have a good time. 

The Design of Anal Hooks

If anal hooks are something you and your partner wish to try out, there are several things you should know before jumping into the whole new area of BDSM. Anal hooks are curved pieces of metal used for anal stimulation. 

The design of these hooks is straightforward. They are usually in the shape of letters J or U. On one end, there is a metal ball, while on the other, there’s a loop. The purpose of the ball is to allow the hook to sit comfortably inside the anal cavity. On the other hand, the loop serves so the person can control the hook’s movement by placing their finger in it. Moreover, the loop can be used for suspension as well. The second option is especially popular if you and your partner are looking for a little rope play!

Usually, the hook is approximately six inches long and one inch thick. Sometimes, you can even find hooks that allow users to replace the ball, adding something more comfortable. That way, you can find the size of the ball that is suitable for you, instead of relying on the stock one. Most manufacturers opted for using surgical grade stainless steel. 

Besides removable steel balls, there are other options you can check out as well. Metal anal hooks with multiple balls are available, or ones without any, which can be perfect for beginners. Furthermore, some prefer the “two in one” option where you can get a cock cage (or a cock ring) and a hook. 

Who Are Anal Hooks For?

While anyone can use these anal toys, they gained popularity among the BDSM community for obvious reasons. The primary audience is, of course, anyone interested in anal play. So if you are an anal sex enthusiast or interested in BDSM, this toy might be a fantastic opportunity to try something new. Who knows, you might get hooked!

Unlike regular dildos, anal beads, and butt plugs, hooks don’t allow any flexibility. That means the person “wearing” them will have to maintain a particular position. Hooks are often a part of so-called predicament bondage, where a person is forced to stay in a specific, usually uncomfortable position. While the position is “the best option” for a sub, they will have to switch to something more painful due to muscle fatigue. The original idea of predicament bondage is that the “default” position causes little to no discomfort, but the person will eventually have to move, causing them pain. 

As a result, the dom/sub relationship can benefit from it the most. A dominant person can tie a rope around the loop and fixate it to the sub somehow. That way, any movement will apply pressure on the sub’s anal cavity. The submissive person will have to work hard if they want to stay entirely still and, ultimately, will surrender themselves to their partner. 

The Proper Way of Using Anal Hooks

The design of hooks is not as forgiving as some other sex toys, which means that you will need to know how to use them properly. One of the first things you need to do is be careful. Since these toys are made of a rigid material, they can potentially cause a lot of damage.

Before you start inserting the hook, you might want to use a bit of lube. After you have applied the lubricant to the ball part of the toy, you can proceed to insert it into your partner’s anus. It is essential to determine the safe word before you start having fun since the most important aspect of BDSM sex lives is trust. If the sub person knows that they can rely on their dominant, everything will work out. So take your time and do things slowly and carefully. Another thing you can do is start small. Instead of jumping straight to the wrecking ball, you can find smaller anal hooks or ones without a ball at all. 

That way, the person wearing the hook can get used to the sensation and stimulation before proceeding to serious toys. Make sure to find the toy that is perfect for you and your partner. We all know how vital trust is for relationships (especially BDSM). And, after all, the ultimate goal is mutual enjoyment. 

After you insert the hook into your partner’s anus, you can start having fun. While leaving it there is one of the options, you can do so much more. For example, if the wearer of the hook has long hair, you can tie it to the loop. The same thing applies to harnesses or suspension points if you already have them. 

Safety Reminders When Using Anal Hooks in BDSM

There are several things we should mention that you shouldn’t forget if you want to experience pleasure. The first thing is hygiene. If you already have sex toys, you probably know how important it is. Always sterilize anal hooks and keep everything clean. If you have a hook with a mountable ball, be sure to unscrew it, so that you can clean those hard-to-reach places. Moreover, avoid sharing toys with anyone at all costs, especially if they are not sterilized. 

Besides hygiene, you should keep safety in mind as well. We already mentioned how vital safewords are, but safety also encompasses the proper use of all toys. Take it slow and never force anything. Most importantly, never try using hooks for suspension bondage. While we did mention that you can tie a rope to it, that doesn’t mean anal hook suspension is something you should incorporate in your sex life. The goal of the rope is to keep the toy in place and restrict movement. 

Furthermore, if you are tying hooks, never do it tightly. There should always be room to breathe and move a bit to avoid unnecessary injuries. 

When it comes to the toy itself, besides making sure the size is fitting, you should check if all edges are smooth and rounded. If you follow all of these safety tips, you will have nothing but a good time trying out these toys! 


For anyone looking to spice up their relationship, anal hooks might be a perfect choice. While the primary audience of these toys is the BDSM community, all anal enthusiasts can try them out. The purpose of anal hangers is to restrict movement while stimulating the anal cavity. The person wearing them will have a difficult time moving while wearing one, which makes them perfect for all lovers of predicament bondage anal sex. Finally, if you cannot wait to try one, we recommend the anal hooks offered at loveplugs