5 Ways to Use Anal Hooks During Intercourse

You are in a long-term relationship and having sex together is not as fulfilling as it was at the beginning? Or you just want to try something new, exciting and thrilling? Then toys are definitely an option for you. Contrary to widespread opinions, these not only provide for erotic highs in the masturbation, but also enjoy the design of the varied love game with couples increasingly popular.

Sex toys for the common lovemaking – light stimulation

When it comes to sharing love, many couples are critical of the idea of ??using toys. The fact that they can bring variety to the love life and even improve it and make it far more exciting, is made clear below. As exciting as the physical love feels in the first time of a relationship, so quickly turns into a certain routine and the variety is missing.

Who wants to remedy this situation, can be advised in the sex shop and choose from a variety of toys for common sexual flights. For the entry cock ring recommended. This carries the man on the shaft, the testicles or directly below the glans. He extends the time to orgasm and stimulates, especially attached under the glans, in addition, the vagina of the woman. Cock rings are available in a variety of silicone, metal, leather or latex, and in a variety of designs: studded, with flexible spines, with built- mini vibrator with clitoral stimulus.

The penis ring can be worn during intercourse, but also already at the foreplay to increase the pleasure. Since he does not require major changes in the general course of lovemaking, he is especially well suited for curious beginners. In addition to the penis ring there are still penis cuffs that serve the same purpose, but are felt by the larger area even more intense for him and him.

Sex toys for the common love play – stronger stimulation

Another toy for versatile enjoyment is the vibrator. Vibrators is available in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes: waterproof models are therefore also particularly suitable for the love game in the bathtub or under the shower. Contrary to the opinion of many men, a vibrator can not only help women to have a more intense and beautiful sexual experience.

Due to its vibration properties, which are often adjustable in intensity and rhythm, it is also ideal for mutual massage outside of the intimate area. It is very pleasurable if the man stimulates the woman with the vibrator during sex on the clitoris or introduces it into the vagina during anal intercourse. For very experimental couples there are so-called pair vibrators. They are C-shaped and very flexible, flat, narrow part is inserted into the vagina and the other part rests on the clitoris. Its construction allows a pair of vibrator enough space for the Penis in the vagina and so both can enjoy the most controllable via a remote control vibration together and hover against the climax.

Instead of a pair vibrator, vibro eggs, which, properly used, can also remain in the vagina during intercourse. They are usually controlled by a remote control in intensity and can both introduce as well as use to irritate the clitoris.

More stimulating stimulation possibilities

The stimulation by toys can be even more diversified and exciting, if you stimulate each other otherwise or break new ground. Massages with special massage oil or even lubes can be very stimulating, and also strokes with feathers and the like in intimate zones often lead to unimagined excited reactions. If this is then combined with bondage games or other games, for example with love dice, the love life is very exciting and varied.

Do toys improve the love life?

Toys are certainly a great way for couples to bring new life into their love life. If you are both interested in trying new things, you will surely experience many beautiful moments with your partner. However, toys are not the only means to get the love life going and should not stay that way. If it is just about a little more excitement, sometimes even a change of location for lovemaking or a different approach is enough. A more varied design of the love life is certainly possible with Toys, and if it is otherwise very harmonious in your relationship, Toys offer a good opportunity to provide in bed again for common heights.

Favorite Love Toy found – and how are you?

Have you read the other tips and found your new favorite Love Toy? Excellent! Then you will find on the next page many useful tips about the use and care of your Love Toys.

The most frequently asked question from customers is do anal hooks painful? Which lubricant fits my toy? How do I get to the climax the fastest? How do I get an orgasm? Can I also get multiple orgasms? And last but not least, how can I best clean my Love Toy?

For sex toys, the thorough hygiene is very important. Sure, you definitely extend the lifespan of your toy. Above all, you also protect yourself. If you do not clean your Love Toy, bacteria quickly form which can quickly cause infections at the next use. You can clean your Love Toy in various ways. The simplest is a special toy cleaner. It is particularly important to consider the surface and the technique in your toy. But first, you need to buy your anal hook.

How’s that going with my orgasm?

Many women are more likely to orgasm by the uniform stimulation of their clitoris. In principle, an orgasm is a very individual experience that depends on many different factors. Of course, the type of stimulation plays a big role (vaginal, clitoral, G-spot or even both). But also the mood, the imagination and the external circumstances contribute a very large part to the quality of your orgasm. There are even different orgasms. As with any sex toy, anal plugs also need to be cleaned and disinfected after every use for hygienic reasons. If the Butt Plug is used by several or changing sexual partners, the use of anal condoms is urgently needed, so that the risk of infection with serious venereal diseases such as HIV or syphilis can be prevented. If you’re interested, you can buy quality anal plugs at loveplugs.