7 Tips in Choosing the Best Anal Toy

Over time, standard sex ceases to deliver as many emotions as it delivered a few years earlier at the dawn of a person’s sexual life. Sex begins to seem an everyday pleasant habit and loses its enchantment. Almost every person comes to the realization of this, having received a certain sexual experience in life. And it doesn’t matter whether he has a regular partner or not!

To master the crazy world of sexual pleasures – it means to comprehend the high art of love and constantly explore the possibilities of your body. One of these possibilities is anal sex. To get an idea you can visit online sex shops, follow the discussions on anal beads vs butt plug and most importantly learn about the hand heavenly orgasm. You might say that this is not acceptable, rude, painful, etc. Well, this will be your opinion, but before you finalize it, here is a brief overview of anal toys that are presented in the store. Hope that this article will allow you to lift the veil of previously unknown anal sex and will help you when choosing an anal toy.

What are anal toys and what are they?

Anal toys are subjects-stimulants for influencing the anal zone of a partner or partner during foreplay, full sexual intercourse or self-satisfaction. Anal toys are divided into female and male on the basis of the structure of the toy itself and the method of influence on the erogenous zone of man.

Anal toys are presented in the following categories: prostate stimulants, anal stimulators, anal vibrators, anal plugs and anal balls. We will dwell on each category in detail in our overview.

How to take the first step to the development of anal sex and what kind of toy to choose?

 So you decided to try anal sex. The anal opening of a person is very narrow, but has the ability to stretch to the desired size (within reason, of course). For the first contact, we recommend that you look at the anal plug for beginners. They are characterized by a small size and diameter, which contributes to the easy introduction and comfortable location of the toy in the still narrow anal passage. Some models are equipped with a hand pump, which is very convenient for the gradual stretching of the anus, since you independently adjust the size of the toy within the minimum and maximum sizes of diameter and length.

For example, for novice partners, sex toy shops can offer the following models:

After mastering the small anal toys, you can look at the average size, include in the anal caress vibro-elements, which offer models of anal vibrators. For future passionate fans and fans of anal sex, they offer a wide selection of anal balls and anal stimulants of various shapes and colors. The specificity of the structure of the male genital organs, manufacturers of sex toys have developed a series of prostate stimulants of various shapes and sizes.

So as not to spoil the first impression, take care of choosing the right lubricant. It will be needed in any case, since in the anal area there is no natural moisture. Anal lubricants, as a rule, contain anesthetic and relaxing components that promote easy gliding of toys along the anal passage and the absence of painful sensations. However, take into account that some lubricants are not intended to be used with a specific list of materials from which toys are made, so read, read the recommendations and warnings on the labels. So, the first step in choosing anal toys for beginners is made, and we very much hope that you liked it!

What are the subcategories of anal toys?

Prostate stimulants- These are special toys for men that are designed to stimulate the prostate gland and rectal muscles. The prostate gland is located in the lower part of the male pelvis, in contact with the rectum and urethra. Stimulation of the prostate gland or prostate delivers not only pleasant sensations to the man, but also helps to prevent certain diseases. Prostate stimulators, as a rule, have a slightly curved body shape, which is crowned with a brightly highlighted toy head. Also, prostate stimulants have a pronounced base in the form of a ball or pen, which are needed to control the position of the toy in the anal passage. Prostate stimulants are widely popular in both male and heterosexual couples. A man can be made to simply squeal with delight, using a prostate stimulator during foreplay and sex. The man gets special pleasure while stimulating the prostate and oral sex. There are also plugs with animal tails, available now at LovePlugs.

Anal stimulants are a diverse collection of toys for anal stimulation, ranging from artsy works of art to simple and functional models. In this subcategory, various models of anal dildos, chains, spirals and beads are collected. The range of toys is so wide that it can satisfy even the pickiest buyer. Products from this subcategory are suitable for both men and women. They are diverse in forms, colors and materials of manufacture, but they all share one thing – they are designed to deliver fantastic pleasure to their owner / owners.

Materials for the manufacture of anal stimulants – glass, medical silicone, gel, plastic. The choice is yours.

Anal vibrators are toys of various shapes and colors that have a built-in vibro element. A special form of toys designed for anal sex, to bring you maximum pleasure. Anal vibrators are not divided into male and female manufacturers; they will suit both partners, because the toys are made in the classic form of the phallus, and in different variations – beads, balls, plugs and expanders. As a rule, these toys run on batteries, pay attention to this when buying a toy! Some models are additionally equipped with a remote control, with which you control the vibration modes, and some models have built-in buttons at the bottom of the toy.

Butt plugs– This is a special subcategory of anal toys, which is able to satisfy both the novice and the experienced user. The variety of anal toys is simply amazing: from small models to just gigantic models. Butt plugs have been specifically designed for men and women in order to give them the opportunity to experience the extra pleasure of sexual intercourse. Orgasm is achieved by stimulating the “special” zones of the vagina, which are located next to the anus, while possessing very sensitive nerve endings. Men will enjoy the stimulation of the muscles of the rectum and prostate, the main thing is to apply and insert a toy in the anal passageway. Butt plugs are usually made from various materials, such as latex, silicone, gel, thermoplastic rubber, cyber skin, medical metals and others. Cork can also be different sizes, colors and shapes. Some models of anal plugs are equipped with manual pumps to adjust the size of the plugs. At first, experts recommend that you use plugs of not large sizes, up to 3 cm in diameter, in the future, increase to the desired size and enjoy the use. For beginners, we recommend purchasing a set of 3 traffic jams of various sizes and diameters.