4 Key Facts About Butt Plug Use

Butt plug is one of the most loved devices when it comes to sexual pleasure, allowing stimulating the zone of pleasure. Because of this, this sex tool is often considered the most appropriate choice, both for beginners and sophisticated anal sex fans. So that your fun carried only joyful emotions, we offer you instructions on how to use anal plug.

Often butt plug, is used as a prelude before sex, to prepare for anal sex, during intimacy or to get pleasure during masturbation. This accessory allows you to get a firework of emotions. To know yourself and your partner from a new hitherto unexplored side. Both men and women can equally afford the luxury of using this item to satisfy an entire hurricane of intimate desires. Despite the fact that the use of the anal plug seems absolutely safe, it is worth remembering a few rules, the implementation of which will not cause you any difficulties, but at the same time will protect you or your partner from unforeseen consequences. You can check articles from Loveplugs to learn more about anal plugs and how to use them.

Tips on How to Use Anal Plugs

  • Never forget the lubricant. The use of additional lubrication will significantly simplify the process, butt plug instruction making it easier for the tube to slip, and will make insertion of the plug into the anus painless and filled with pleasant emotions. With the use of the metal and steel butt plugs this is a very important matter now.
  • With each new use of anal toys should ensure its purity. It is not at all superfluous to put a condom on the plug at the time of use. Thus, you will observe the necessary rules of hygiene.
  • Proper posture when using an anal plug is one of the most important aspects on which the level of pleasure depends. Three positions are considered classic and most suitable: kneeling, squatting or lying on the back.
  • Inserting the plug should be done as slowly as possible. On one  hand, it will protect the delicate skin of the anus from excessive stress and possible tissue damage, and on the other hand, it will deliver the highest possible level of pleasure. If the first time the maximum penetration is not achieved, you need to pull it out, take a few deep relaxing breaths and repeat the introduction of sex toys with a new sexual pressure. Or think about purchasing a device more affordable size.

After penetration of the butt plug inside the anus, you need to relax the anus and give the plug the opportunity to slide out on its own. This procedure must be replicated several times until the body is completely accustomed to a foreign object.

Five recommendations for choosing the anal plug

The anal opening is one of the most delicate parts of the human body, but at the same time one of the most pronounced erogenous zones. It is closely connected with the central nervous system and transmits sexual pleasure directly to the brain. During anal stimulation, intermittent breathing, reddening of the palms, moisturizing of the vaginal walls, erectness of the penis and intermittent contraction of the anus muscles can often be observed. Therefore, the correct selection of the anal pump is an extremely important step. This is the first step before diving into the abyss of pleasure.

It is necessary to choose a butt plug from well-known manufacturers. If you both use the product, it is better to choose an accessory for each partner separately. Since, firstly, it is more hygienic, and secondly, it will help to preserve its individuality.

Most butt plugs are made of silicone or latex. Each of the materials has its own characteristics. However, in order to make sure which one is best suited for you or your partner, it is necessary to empirically evaluate different factors.

Be careful when choosing the size. It should not be assumed that a toy of larger diameter or length will bring greater pleasure.

The choice of form mainly depends on the purpose of using sex enhancement. Often for men one form is acceptable, for women it is completely different. Although, in some cases, preferences may coincide. A variety of forms of products is simply amazing. You can find butt plugs with various designs: this includes horsehair, a hare’s tail, and even a corkscrew butt plug. It all depends on the degree of emancipation and fantasy.

  • Color can play one of decisive values. You can pick any butt plugs that you want, combined it with your underwear, and you can tuck under the shade of the sheets.
  • The main thing is to act and experiment as much as possible. Only then can you find out what is the most exciting for you.

Experienced lovers already probably know how to use such a piquant accessory as a butt plug. But it is possible that they had to make some annoying mistakes, both when choosing the anal plug and when taking the first steps in its application. In order to avoid these misunderstandings, already at the stage of selection, you need to know the basic rules of how to use anal plug in order not only to get the maximum possible sexual pleasure, but also not to harm your own health and not to get negative emotions from the first experience of anal love.

The Role of Butt Plugs

All variety of anal plugs created in fact to achieve several basic tasks. The main ones include: getting sexual discharge, preparing the ass and training the muscles of the anus to penetrate, massage the prostate, imitating the sensations of double penetration, and sometimes as an intimate adornment. Depending on what purpose when buying an anal plug is in front of you, it is worth making a decision about the desired shape, size, and material of manufacture. But if you just want some cute butt plugs, you can visit love plugs anytime and buy there. Suppose you made the right choice, took into account all the nuances and the cherished purchase is already in your hands ready for use.

Now comes the main point, which largely depends on whether anal pleasures become a “favorite routine”, or the first negative experience will permanently turn you away from using the anal plug, and a big fat cross will be put on piquant pleasures.