Give Me Some Sugar: What to Know About Sugar Dating

Long gone are the days of taboos and looking down upon sex workers. The sexual revolution came and went, and most things are now as normal as anything else. But even if it took so many years for certain kinks and fetishes to come to the forefront, there remains some societal stigma when it comes to selling your time to other people. And although sugar dating isn’t prostitution, a vast majority of people deem it unethical and shameful.

Young people across the globe participate in deals that allow them to gain financial benefits by spending time with wealthy people. Using various dating apps and sites, they agree to go out on dates with older gentlemen in exchange for gifts, money, and other valuables. These relationships don’t require sexual engagement and are often just a way of finding some company for the employees. Of course, intercourse can be present, but with full consent from both parties.

It’s easy to understand why society looks at it as a form of prostitution. But in reality, it’s something else entirely. The sugar dating apps and sites don’t arrange sex — they simply connect people. What happens beyond the first date is none of their concern. Therefore, seeing how this sparks controversy, it’s best we delve deeper into the world of emotional sponsorship.

What Is Sugar Dating?

Sugaring is an agreed-upon relationship based on mutual benefits for both partners. In essence, the older partner provides various gifts, money, and other valuables for the other person who is younger and attractive. The older party is called a sugar daddy or mommy, depending on their gender. And on the other hand, you’ve got the sugar baby.

It’s key to mention that it’s a consensual relationship. The younger partners willingly “sell” their company to their daddy or mommy. Mostly, sugar babies consist of students who use the money for tuition, loans, and rent. One of the most popular dating sites that provide sugaring option claims that almost 50% of their users are students.

This practice is mainly popular in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia. So, you can say that these countries are pretty liberal with their views on such relationships. But there’s also an argument that says that student loans and bills are sky-high. Young people find it pretty hard to keep the money flowing while studying. It’s a common misconception that young girls venture into sugaring. Sugar babies and sugar daddies also form same-sex relationships, and some don’t even consider sex important.

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The Relationship Between Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies

In reality, there’re no terms of service for these things. Every sugar relationship is unique, meaning that both parties agree on what’s mutually beneficial. But to explain the basic mechanics, we’re going to go with a default scenario here. And since most couples consist of older men and young, attractive females, you’ll get a basic hetero story.

Mostly, young women will make a profile on one of many dating apps or sites that provides sugaring services. And in case some guy falls for one of them, they can arrange a date. Once together, they’ll agree what their relationship will look like. For example, she’ll receive money for spending time with him.

Their relationship can grow into an intimate one also, but that’s not a rule. Sure, the older men will probably be looking for sex. However, in some cases, they’re just looking for company. The baby and daddy share lots of time together, meaning they’re seen by the public. Some guys are playing it like some kind of escort game.

Sugar babies often receive expensive gifts such as jewelry, high-fashion dresses, and clothing, or just money. In return, they’ll go out with their daddies on dates or spend private time together. And yes, sex is a big part of this relationship, but once again, some don’t look for that. Yeah, it’s hard to believe that, but it’s true.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy

Although sugaring isn’t a product of the 21st century and the internet, the game is a lot easier nowadays. Back in the 18th century, girls who’d offer their intimacy for rich and powerful men were known as courtesans. And even if those women were prostitutes, they weren’t your ordinary tramps. They were beautiful, interesting girls, and they would make great mistresses.

Nowadays, you can simply post your pictures via your app of choice and wait for your lord to come calling. Sure, they’re probably older men, but their pockets are deep, and you’ll have a chance to pay your bills, tuition, and everything else in no time. Making a profile will mean you’ll agree to the terms and conditions of the platform you choose. So, you’ll probably be looking at keeping a low profile and discretion.

But don’t worry — you won’t be doing anything illegal. These obligations usually work for your daddy, keeping him away from the spotlight. Once again, even if times are a-changing, society looks down upon this business. For better or worse, in real life, you should maintain your private life away from the public.

The Social Stigma of Sugar Dating

Unfortunately, the consensus on sugaring isn’t as positive as you’d hope for. In almost every part of the world, society looks down upon people engaging in sugar dating. It’s mostly due to shady ethics and morals. But if you start questioning other things we seem to be fine with, we’re sure you’d find a lot more questionable practices.

Some dating sites were banned in the U.S. in the last couple of years. But in general, the law doesn’t see this practice as something illegal. And for it to stay as such, there must exist consent between the two parties. Moreover, it needs to work like your ordinary relationship, just with an age gap between the partners.

In some ways, you could compare this to the social stigma against the LGBTQ population. People have their mouths full of all kinds of nonsense about the gay community while doing unspeakable things at home. Receiving thousands of dollars for your tuition and bills isn’t easy while you’re a student. And if you’re fine with dating older people for lucrative reasons, you shouldn’t care what others think.