Do Escorts Enjoy Having Sex for a Living?

Do you think you could do this job and enjoy it? Loving the sex your partner gives you doesn’t come near to what this job entails.

So, do escorts love having sex for a living? What are the things that motivate them to do this job even if they hate it? Let’s find out.

It Depends!

When it comes to prostitute sex, you’ll often be able to hear a lot of different things. Some women are simply very sexual beings, so it’s only natural that they’ll enjoy a job like this. Others, however, only do it because they feel like there’s no other way for them to earn money. So, in short — it depends. 

First and foremost, being a prostitute or providing escort service isn’t always all that these girls do. Most of them have actual day jobs that are nothing like the sex work they do. Yes, seeing your favorite escort at her day job is all too possible. They can be cashiers, waitresses, or have any other low-paying job. No other reason why they’d get into sex work. 

By default, sex is something everyone should enjoy. We don’t judge, so it doesn’t matter who you have sex with. It can be your partner, random strangers, or you like to experiment with same-sex friends. Sex, in general, is good. However, what happens when you mix business and pleasure? Sadly, there’s no direct answer to that question. It all depends on the person doing it.

Knowing that sex should be enjoyable brings us to a new question — What if it isn’t? There are a lot of factors that contribute to sex being the last thing you’ll want after a long day, for example. These factors are, again, different for each individual. Still, there are some of the things that are cock-blockers for us all. They include having a long day, not feeling well, not being in the mood, and anything else you can think of. 

Just because sex is one person’s job, it doesn’t mean they will always be up for it. These factors affect sex workers too. If anything, they have even more factors to make them not enjoy their job. What could those factors be? Well, it could depend on the client itself. Plus, having two jobs — and two separate lives — isn’t an easy thing to keep up with. 

All of that said, things can be different every single day. A sex worker can love her job one day and then absolutely hate it the next. These women are human too, and they get to have bad days just like the rest of us. So, do they really enjoy having sex for a living? You guessed it — it depends!

It’s All About the Money

Let’s talk about cash. After all, this is definitely the reason why most of the women get into sex work, to begin with. Unfortunately, racking up big money doesn’t come easy. That’s especially the case if someone is new in the business. Pricing can vary a lot, depending on what your client actually wants. Not all of them want sex, surprisingly. Some just want attention and to hang out with someone who will treat them like the center of their universe. That comes at a price too.

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We can’t talk about an exact price range because they are different for every sex worker. However, let’s say that these women are earning $400 per client. The whole fantasy is included in that price. Still, that can seem small when you compare it to the thousands of dollars some escorts make per day. There are too many things to factor in.

Either way, money is what makes this job absolutely worth it. Making so much per day/client means that they can pay their bills, go shopping, and meet all of their other needs. Being a luxury escort often requires you to look the part too, and that definitely doesn’t come cheap. 

Job Flexibility Is a Bonus

Doing things on your own terms really is what every perfect job is all about. That’s the case with most freelance jobs, but what about escorting? It’s a little bit different. Escorting can be a freelance job you start yourself, or you can work for an agency. Brothels are also places of work if this is the job you want to pursue. 

When you’re freelancing, you control absolutely everything. On the other hand, when you work for an agency, you need to keep bringing the money in. It needs to be flowing at all times, which means you need to meet a certain quota. Either way, the job is still quite flexible. How is this a bonus? 

Having a flexible job means you can step away whenever you decide to. It’s not unnatural to feel like you need a breather from a job like this. Besides, it’s okay to want to miss sex. It’ll make you enjoy your job way more once you do come back.


Selling sex might sound like an easy job to do, but is it really? There are a lot of factors that contribute to whether or not this job is enjoyable. Some women do it with ease, while others hate every second of it. Still, money makes the world go around, which is why escorts are the best actors. Nobody can fake it as they can.