Types of Clients You Meet in the Escort Service Industry

There are many different types of people, especially when it comes to the escort industry. Some are caring, and others are looking to share their feelings with another person, while there are those who are outright creepy. 

If you were wondering about the most common types of clients you might encounter if you are working as an independent escort, you’re in the right place. 

The Cheater

The first type of clients you might encounter are cheaters. As you can probably guess, these people are married, or at least in a relationship. There is always a sad story behind their actions, and they often admit that things are not going well with their spouse. Moreover, they love claiming how there is only a couple of months between them and the divorce. The primary idea behind it is to make a girl feel less guilty because they are cheating. 

Of course, they were going to get divorced anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. But hardly anyone will buy this story, and even fewer people will care. Call girls care about earning their salary, and the only thing that matters is that escort service clients are not violent, creepy, or weird in any way. 

The subcategory here is guys who are getting married in the next couple of days, and they want to try something new before they take an arrow to the knee. 

The Lonely One

The second group that might seek an escort service are lonely guys. Once you arrive at the home or hotel, they will start telling you their sad stories. Usually, girls will feel bad for them, and they will try their best to make them feel at least something. 

Lonely guys are only looking for this brief moment of pleasure before they can return to their grim worlds filled with sadness. Naturally, all of us had bad days at one point, and we are not judging anything. While some stories might be quite depressing and a real mood killer, it is always better to have an emotional person you need to give sex tips to than those who are jerks and are only looking for a hooker. 

The Wholesome Client

The second-best category is what we call wholesome clients. These people aren’t demanding. They are looking for fun and won’t ruin your mood (or your day). It’s not impossible to encounter a wholesome client looking for a companion or just a chat. 

There is a famous story about a group of men looking for an escort girl, and when she arrived at their place, it turned out they needed a banker for Monopoly. Needless to say, these encounters are incredibly fun, but they can be rare. 

Working as an escort can be tiring, and it is always great to find someone looking for other things than just sexual services. It is one of those situations that will remind you that good people exist and that not everything has to be doom and gloom. The main trait of wholesome clients is respect. They will show you how they feel, and they will do their best so that you have a good time too. 

The Dominant Client

Dominant clients are often a pain in the bottom. They have tons of requests, maybe even a list of them. Usually, they are looking for you to be submissive and to be a good little girl that they can dominate. They love being alpha, and these are rare situations where they can act like it. 

This type of client will often ask you to bring additional accessories, which are usually in the BDSM range. One of the things that can apply to this group is that they love how powerful they are. Or at least that’s what they believe. And they won’t stop talking about their jobs, how much power they have, and how important they are. 

They are either looking to boost their own ego or to slash someone else’s. Interestingly, a lot of these people are often into pegging. 

The Guy With a Weird Kink

Since we touched on the subject of pegging, the next category involves people with unusual kinks. People believe that sex workers are used to everything and that there isn’t a thing that could surprise them. But they are wrong. 

These people have questionable kinks that can often be terrifying. Some guys are into cosplay, and they will make the girl try out weird costumes before they can continue. One of the unusual kinks is to be ignored. People are willing to pay an escort or a prostitute to simply ignore them. Of course, this is the easiest money since all you have to do is… well, nothing. 

Another great example is guys who are into crushing. In this case, a girl would stomp on food like watermelons or cakes, and they would get off to it. 

But the weirdest part comes with guys who love for escorts to dress like little girls and roleplay that way. 

The Rich Client

We mentioned how the wholesome clients are the second-best type you can encounter. So, what is the best one? The answer is the rich ones. These people have tons of money to burn. They don’t care how much they spend. The rich client loves visiting (or calling) an escort agency, getting a girl, only to take her shopping. 

And that’s it. They understand how difficult it is. They have tons of money, so why wouldn’t they make your day or even week. When it comes to sex, this group enjoys gratifying a girl. They aren’t focused on their own pleasure, and they are doing their best to make the girl feel incredible. 

They enjoy the idea of having a gorgeous woman that they can completely satisfy in the bedroom. Needless to say, this is something every escort would love to encounter.