How to Join the Escort Service Industry

How to become an escort, you wonder? It’s probably as easy as you imagine it to be.

Many of us have thought about what this line of work is like. At least once in our lives, we have all wondered about it. The truth is, most of us don’t know enough. All we know is what’s advertised to us — the glamorous life of people paying others to accompany them to events.

But is that all there is to it? Is that all it takes? We think there’s way more to it. A pretty face and fit body aren’t always enough to satisfy. You have to be cordial and have impeccable manners too. You have to be professional and always on time.

Does that sound like you? Then you’re in luck! Being an escort might be for you. It all depends on what you’re willing to do and how far you’ll go.

Escort Agency

Doing escort work isn’t an easy task, especially if you decide to do it alone. That’s why joining a reliable agency is the best thing you can do.

While you can work freelance or with a pimp, an agency is your best and safest bet because it will make you feel way more secure than working on your own. And in this line of work, that is priceless.

Scout a couple of different ones before choosing the one that’s best suited for what you’re looking for. A reputable agency will respect all of the boundaries you set for yourself.

Create a Fake but Unique Name

We’re sure you don’t want to have your first and last names accompanied by the “escort” title. Or maybe you do.

However, fake names are very helpful when it comes to protecting your privacy. They’re also useful for putting yourself out there and differentiating yourself from other escorts. That’s why you should first check if your desired escort name isn’t taken by someone else already.

Many clinics will also allow you to use your fake name during sex health check-ups. Again, it’s only to maintain your privacy and safety. So try picking something that has a nice ring to it.

Online Profiles

Escort jobs require some advertising. It can make your escort career skyrocket.

Social media is really popular now, so advertising your services on the web that way is great. But another way to put yourself on the market is through escort websites. Look for popular pages in your area and sign up. You don’t have to settle for just one. The more, the merrier!

Since escorts usually do their own advertising, you can choose whatever kind of advertisements work for you. Make sure your fake name stays the same everywhere so that people don’t have a hard time recognizing you.

Professional Portfolio

Having a professional portfolio is another thing that can boost your career. It’s all about the right kind of marketing.

People who are considering your services want to know who they’re getting in bed with (it’s just a figure of speech unless decided otherwise). You can also choose whether you want to show your face in pictures or not. It’s all about the level of privacy you want.

Sometimes your agency can provide you with a professional portfolio too. They will make sure you’re working with the best people. In other cases, you can find someone reputable on your own.

The Legal Side of Things

When you consider joining the escort line of work, the first thing you should think about is the law.

Familiarizing yourself with the law of your country is crucial. Some countries prohibit any kind of sex work, and you can end up punished for it. To find out more, you can simply ask other escorts or agencies before you join them.

The services you provide and the work you do depends on where you live. Since the law is different depending on your area of residence, make sure you know all of your rights as well, in case something goes haywire. Safety comes

Maintain Professionalism

As with any job, it is crucial to maintain professional conduct. It makes people want to work with you again. Who doesn’t like returning clients?

No matter the services you offer, acting professionally will get you far. Make sure you’re not late. Why? Your clients are paying for your time — being late is not a good look. You should also always dress to impress. Simply dress for the occasion. We wouldn’t want you looking inappropriate.

Specifying boundaries and requesting immediate payments is also important. That way, you’re ensuring that you won’t get scammed or talked into something out of your comfort zone.

Get Yourself Checked

What you always need to have in mind is your health. In this line of work, seeing a doctor multiple times a year shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Being safe and wearing protection is imperative if you provide sexual services. That also means you need to go for routine check-ups frequently. Some agencies will have a specific amount of times you need to get checked every year. However, most recommend you do it 3–4 times per year.

You never really know the status of other people’s health. That’s why it matters to keep yourself healthy and safe.


Being an escort isn’t all fun and games. Many of us imagine it to be a glamorous lifestyle, but it does come with many curveballs.

Before deciding that this is the job for you, you need to familiarize yourself with all it entails — the good side as well as the bad. You need to be quick on your feet too. Unfortunately, there might be times where you’ll have to get yourself out of bad situations.

Many agencies will have security guards keeping you safe. However, sometimes things can escalate quite quickly. This job isn’t for the faint of heart. Like everything else, it has two sides to it.

If you do it well, though, it can be extremely rewarding. Some people enjoy creating a fantasy for their clients. Knowing someone would pay just to spend time with you can be a real confidence boost as long as you know how to stay safe.