Tips and Advice on How to Use Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex is a great way to make sex life more diverse, and it also emphasizes the presence of trust between partners. Of course, many do not accept this kind of pleasure, but this does not affect the prevalence of this phenomenon.

Stimulation of the anus is not unhealthy or abnormal. Erogenous points in the anal zone are found in both women and men. It is important to remember that even men with heterosexual orientation can enjoy the massage of the anus, as there is a prostate. With the help of sex toys, prostate stimulation can be more pleasant and comfortable.

Anal toys: what is it and why

Anal toys are sex toys that are used to stimulate the anus area. Such products usually have a smaller size compared to vaginal stimulants so that insertion into the anal is not difficult or unpleasant. With their help, you can explore your feelings, learn many new ways to get sexual pleasure. Anal stimulants can be used for different purposes.

  • First, anal sex products can be used for preludes before anal sex. Before the immediate introduction of the penis, it is necessary to relax and develop the muscles of the anus; otherwise, sex can be painful and even injure one of the partners.
  • Secondly, the anal toy can be used during vaginal sex, so that the circumference of the penis is larger. If the walls of the vagina have lost elasticity, for example, after giving birth, then using the anal plug, you can expand the anus, thereby reducing the volume of the vagina, making the girth of the penis stronger, and sex, therefore, more pleasant.
  • Thirdly, anus stimulants can be used for masturbation, stimulation without anal sex, for tantric pegging – a type of sex when a woman penetrates a man with strap-on or dildos, which can be called anal stimuli in part.
  • Fourthly, some toys – anal chains, beads – can extend and make a woman’s orgasm stronger. To do this, during its attack, remove the chain from the anus – slowly or quickly – at your discretion.

While using sex products to stimulate the anal zone make sure that a part of the product stays outside, then you can easily remove it. All modern toys that can be bought in the sex shop are equipped with a special device that holds the product outside, for example, a ring, a special extension, a suction cup, and so on.

Types of anal toys

Butt plugs are one of the most common anal products in sex shops. Made, as a rule, in the form of a cone, but may have other, unusual forms. Usually, they have an extension to the bottom – there is always a stop at the base of the anal plug, which will protect against accidental slipping of the product. The body of the toy can be smooth, ribbed, curved, made in the form of balls, etc.

Can you wear a butt plug swimming? The answer depends on your stretchability. There are also plugs extenders that can significantly increase the diameter of the anus. They can be used both for foreplay or masturbation and for training the anal muscles, which will keep them in good shape. Plugs and plug-extenders can be equipped with vibration for greater stimulation.

Buy anal balls and beads

Anal chains are sex toys in the form of series-connected balls of the same or different diameter. As a rule, there are ten balls on a chain, but it can be much smaller, up to three. At the base, there can be a ring, a loop or something similar for easy removal from the anus. When extracting during orgasm, the woman will experience more pleasant sensations.

Anal vibrators have their fundamental difference from the “ordinary” vaginal size. The diameter of such toys is smaller, which allows them to enter without discomfort. The surface can be smooth, realistic with relief, etc.

There are also anal-vaginal vibrators, which have two penises for simultaneous entry into the vagina and anal. This allows you to experience the sensation of the so-called double penetration – a type of group sex when there is at least one member in the vagina and anus of a woman.

Prostate massagers are sex toys designed to stimulate the prostate. Popular to LGBT couples, it has a curved shape for better stimulation of the prostate. For men, this is an important activity, as it not only brings pleasure but also is the prevention of the corresponding diseases.

Anal Tips

Make sure there are no defects in plastic toys (gaps, unevenness), if possible, fix them;

  • Before first use, the product must be treated with any antiseptic, then washed with soap and water;
  • Rinse your intimate product after each use. It cannot be boiled or scalded;
  • Use special lubricants, lubricants for anal sex on water or silicone basis. Thanks to them, you will improve slip and protect yourself from unpleasant sensations and injuries (abrasions, micro cracks). Do not use substances with a fatty basis – this can damage the material and your health
  • Be careful when using anal toys, make sure that part of it remains outside; otherwise you will not be able to remove the product without surgery. Modern anal toys have for these special limiters;
  • Experts recommend using it with an accessory for safe sex, if the shape of the product allows it – this is more hygienic;
  • Do not use the toy to simultaneously stimulate the anus and vagina – this is dangerous for health, because in the rectum there are microbes that negatively affect the mucous membrane of the female genitalia.

Remember, anal sex – it is a great pleasure, if you properly approach the issue and comply with safety techniques. Do you know that in the anus there are many nerve endings? This explains why so many couples love anal sex and other types of anal games. If you are also interested in such erotic entertainment, then this article is for you, because you have to start your anal journey with toys, namely, anal plugs.

How to choose this accessory?

Ensure safety: This is a mandatory measure. Some careless manufacturers produce toys unsafe for health. The convincer that the cork you want to buy has a wide base, wider than the body of the toy itself. The bottom of the cork should remain outside the body for easy removal. Therefore, if it seems to you that the cork can completely slip into the body, it is better to choose another toy. If you have no idea what to choose better ask people that share the same interest as you, so join loveplugs twitter community now.

Choose the right size: The most important rule is to move from a smaller size to a larger one. Therefore, if you are an inexperienced player, it is better to choose a smaller cork. Before buying a toy, you can try to give yourself anal pleasure with your fingers, then measure the diameter of your fingers and choose a cork of the appropriate diameter. Most fans of such accessories choose for themselves cork with a diameter of 3 to 4 cm.