Beginners Guide to Prostate Massages

Quite simply, even men have a G-spot: the prostate! As with the ladies, the massage of this “male G-spot” also called P-point ensures an incredible orgasm. Here is the beginners’ guide to prostate massage.

Step 1: The right location

Relaxation is important for prostate massage. Lie on your side and bend your legs slightly. You can also lie on your stomach or lean forward on your knees. Just try out how best to get hold of your anus without having to do acrobatic tricks.

Step 2: Stretch sufficiently

To make the prostate massage as comfortable as possible, you should stretch your sphincter sufficiently. The easiest way to do this stretching is to use your fingers. Carefully insert a finger first and move it back and forth. Do you feel comfortable; you can accept a second finger? Now you spread both fingers slightly apart and stretch your sphincter.

Step 3: Avoid unnecessary injuries

Whether finger or toy: Lubricant or saliva not only facilitate insertion but also reduce friction or abrasion. If you take your fingers, keep your fingernails short to reduce the risk of injury. If you are concerned about hygiene, you can use disposable gloves, single finger cots or condoms for prostate massage.

This is how the prostate massage succeeds

Carefully insert your middle finger into the anus and bend it upwards. If you have felt the prostate, you can start the massage.

Where is the prostate?

The prostate is about the size of a chestnut and lies 6 to 8 inches behind the sphincter. You can feel your prostate more easily when you are erotically aroused (if necessary, a little “pre-masturbation”). When excited, the prostate is bigger and harder and you can feel it clearly with your finger. In addition, you will quickly notice that touching feels particularly great at this point.

Try different techniques for the prostate massage

  • Rub: Move your finger joint so that the finger makes a “come-her-move”.
  • Circles: circle the prostate, applying slight pressure.
  • Ringing: Press the prostate again and again and release it.
  • Twirling: Does your sphincter already stretch so far that your index and middle fingers fit in? Then you can gently clamp the prostate between both fingers and at the same time massage from two sides.
  • With exercise to multiple orgasms. You will already experience great feelings with your first prostate massage. With the erotic orgasm, it will probably not work right away. That requires a little practice. Once you master it, you can even enjoy multiple orgasm waves.
  • Do not be surprised: During the prostate massage, you usually have no or only a very small erection. During orgasm, the seminal fluid is usually not thrown out, but slowly flows out.

Tip: The nature and quality of the orgasm can be changed if you increase the speed at the right moment and no longer massively scrunch your finger, but rather bump it. You can also stimulate the prostate from the outside: You gently stroke and massage the perineum; this is the area between the scrotum and the anus.

There are also special prostate stimulation devices, butt plugs, and anal dildos. Some have a squeegee, so you can attach the toy to a flat surface. Make sure you start with small toys for starters. The anus must be stretched slowly and carefully.

The prostate massage as part of the love game

The prostate massage is fun not only alone but also for two. For you and your partner, it can be a wonderful erotic experience and enrich your sex life. Even if your partner does not dare to start with a prostate massage right away: It will give you and her lot of pleasure and pleasure when she spoils you with a blowjob while caressing the area around your anus with a finger or a dildo and massaged.

Talk to the community about the prostate massage! Have you already discovered the prostate massage for you? What tips do you have for others? Betray us in the sex forum.

What is the prostate intended for?

The prostate, also called the prostate gland, is one of the internal sexual organs of the man, as are the testes and the vas deferens. The penis, the scrotum, and the urethra, on the other hand, are external sexual organs in men. Usually, the prostate is about the size and shape of chestnut and weighs about 20 grams. It lies between the bladder and the pelvic floor. The prostate is important for sperm production, bladder and seminal fluid obstruction, and hormone metabolism.

How should the prostate be fun during sex?

The prostate is a sensitive organ that can be stimulated by internal and external massage. According to a survey by sex toys maker, 71 percent of heterosexual men in a relationship have already tried or tried a prostate massager. So you can experience new sensations with a prostate massager during sex, go buy one now! Eight out of ten women said they would treat their partner with a prostate massage if they wanted. The intensity of the peak should be at a prostate orgasm by up to 33 percent higher than the “conventional” orgasm by stimulation of the penis. The prostate is the stepchild of the pleasure industry.

As far as sex toys are concerned, the prostate has been the absolute stepchild of the pleasure industry. It’s a pity because the male lust is so much more than what you see from the outside. The male prostate is the big secret of human sexuality, basically the counterpart of the female G-spot. We should devote ourselves to her more often – not just because men feel completely conscious then.

How can I stimulate the prostate?

As you can see in the graphic above, I can wonderfully stimulate the prostate with a gentle massage with alternating pressure. For this I can insert my finger a bit in the anus. Those who do not want to can resort to novel sex toys, which were designed specifically for the prostate massage.

The third option is external stimulation. When I tenderly massage the sensitive area between the scrotum and the anal of my husband, this pressure reaches the prostate and thus provides a completely new feeling of pleasure for the man.

Please be gentle at the beginning

Whether finger or toy, in the beginning, a gentle approach to this “male G-spot” is definitely recommended. But please do not be too shy. At first, the man may be surprised by the new touches, but if you catch the right point, it could be the best sex of his life for him.

Special toys for the prostate massage look pretty futuristic. The toy fits the man best, must be decided and tested individually, just like how you would when you cook for your date because each of the toys has other advantages, such as the remote control or removable vibration bullets.