A Look into High-End Prostitution

The Modern World of High-End Prostitution

Prostitution is, as they say, one of the oldest professions in the world since people figured out that they could sell sex rather early. However, as with any profession, there are different layers to it all. The main question when it comes to prostitution is — regular escorts or something more high-end?  

While prostitution is illegal in many states, there are ways of getting around it. That could be why many brothel owners advertise their ladies and gentlemen of the night as call girls/guys or escorts. These are the high-end prostitutes that cost more but often for a good reason.

High-End Prostitution

High-end prostitution agencies often target the wealthy. Therefore, there is potentially a lot of money in this field of work. However, finding such escorts may not be easy. You can look up many agencies, but finding the right one can be tricky. 

The wealthy are looking for what they would consider classy sexual services instead of just hiring a hooker. Plus, it also depends on where you are since law enforcement does not take kindly to prostitution in places where it’s illegal.

However, if you can find a high-end escort agency, you should get ready to pay a lot for a night with one of their call-girls or high-end male prostitutes. Some of them can charge over $10,000 or even $15,000 for one night. An hour alone could cost you over $1,500. It all depends on where you go and how you hire.  

High-end escorts usually operate in fancy hotels, some bars, and even casinos. Several private houses act as escort agencies too. There are also brothels with indoor prostitutes. These sex workers have to give a cut to the brothel owners for the sex work that they are hired to do. Hence the huge price of their commercial sex. People usually just rent out a hotel room to perform sexual intercourse with high-end prostitutes. 

High-End vs. Regular Prostitutes

There is a difference between high-end prostitution and regular, “street-corner” sex workers. There is more to it than just the price. Sure, some models may opt to work as high-end call girls as a side gig since it can pay better and sometimes even more regularly. However, high-end brothels can also have more of a variety to the people at their services. For example, If you are into a certain type or look, they will find you someone who fits your desires and tastes.  

However, the main difference is that high-end prostitution rings offer discretion. That is an important part of their business model since many of their clients are not only rich but could also be well-known. And it is said that about 90% of clients that hire high-end prostitutes are married. Therefore, the “no tell” rule is a standard in many high-end escort agencies/ brothels.  

Another difference seems to be more on the physical sides of things. High-end prostitutes seem to “take better” care of themselves since they can afford to do so. Many street side prostitutes would only make about $75—$100 per hour. That is peanuts when compared to what high-class call girls make. Therefore, upper-echelon girls can eat better and go get regular medical check-ups. That is important not only for their health but their work as well since they make money off of looking good and even being fit depending on what the client is looking for. Regular prostitutes cannot afford this luxury, and who you hire is who you hire. 

The Perks

With more money come more perks, not only for the workers but the clients as well. The clients can choose who they want to hire. Plus, high-end prostitution rings have discretion on their side. So much so that former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss, who was convicted for money laundering and tax evasion in 1995, did not give the names of her clients during her court hearings. People that use high-end escort agencies know what they will get. Plus, the business can offer a sense of repetitiveness, which some can find as a comfort.   

The other perks are that escorts have to be licensed and do many medical check-ups. Plus, they have to use protection during sexual activities. Since they get paid a lot, you can even fly them out to different places, such as the Cannes film festival, to work on yachts as call-girls.    

The Bad Side of High-End Prostitution

However, where there are perks, there are always bad sides too. One of the reasons that the price is so high is that the girls and guys are taking a big risk. There are a lot of human trafficking risks if they end up with the wrong person. That can also apply to sex trafficking.

Another bad side falls on the legal aspect. As mentioned, many states outlaw any form of prostitution. That means that brothels can often be targeted for raids resulting in their closure and people being out of jobs. Plus, brothels often get into shady business and other illegal activities, such as money laundering (as mentioned with Heidi Fleiss) or maybe even drug trafficking. 

In addition to the law breathing down the agencies’ necks all the time, another downside is the anti-prostitution activists, who can also cause issues for the high-end escorts. 

Ending Off

High-end prostitution is a business that many people use or want to use. However, it does have drawbacks for the workers that operate out of state or in places where it is illegal. But, it could be worth the cost in states where it is a-okay for the experience.