Sex Work During COVID-19 Pandemic

How does sex work function now? Well, it’s exactly how you would imagine it. Sex workers don’t get a lot of benefits from the government, so they had to figure things out for themselves. Going virtual is probably one of the best things they could do. So let’s take a look at what it’s like for them now.

Transitioning to Virtual Sex

Ever since the pandemic started, everything has changed. Sex work and its related businesses are no different. We’re mainly talking about adult movie stars, directors, erotic photographers, escorts, exotic dancers, etc. Since they can’t work in their usual spaces anymore, they have to find different ways to make a living. Of course, they have to continue working to survive. How do they achieve it? With the existence of the internet, anything is possible!


Sex workers are going virtual. Luckily for them, this transition has never been easier. They no longer need a whole team of people to help them do their job. They can record their own adult movies, put on shows, and sell their work. In just a few clicks and with some money, anyone can access their content.

This could have both a positive and a negative effect on the sex work industry. The positive thing is that sex workers can do everything by themselves, resulting in bigger profits. The negative effect is that the traditional industry as we know it is probably suffering a lot. Nobody wants to go dance at a strip club if they can put on a private virtual show for a lot more money.

Regulatory Responses to Transitions in Sex Work

Sadly, these COVID-19 times are more serious than ever. Governments are trying to figure out what to do to save as many people as possible. The measures include lockdowns. Plus, some businesses are suffering so badly that they need to receive help.


How does this affect sex workers? It varies from one place to another. People already think that sex workers are making too much money doing what some might consider dishonest work. That’s why it’s common for them not to receive any benefits or relief. That’s a bit sad, considering that these people contribute to society as much as anyone else does. They’re just not recognized for it because of their line of work.


People all over the world are trying to fight for sex workers. In some Asian countries, sex work is more prominent than in others. It’s exactly those countries that need to look after them the most. Many of the female sex workers are already at high risk because of their work — they don’t need the government working against them too.

Sex Workers Are Probably Getting a Higher Income

However, switching to virtual sex work because of the pandemic could be the best thing that has happened to some sex workers. Many of them are earning a higher income than before. How do we know that? They can entertain more clients daily, for example. There are so many other benefits to selling sex virtually.

One of those includes the fact that your identity is protected. On the other hand, you can charge your clients as much as you think is needed for a certain service. You’re the boss of your little business, so you decide how you do things. People can’t push you around or be as inappropriate with you as they can be in real life.


So it’s safe to say that there are many benefits to going virtual, and one of them is definitely earning more.

Different Platforms a Sex Worker Can Use

Luckily, the internet is full of various platforms and apps a sex worker might use. Sadly, not all of them are doing a great job at protecting your identity.


Some of the popular apps include Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, OnlyFans, etc. Whatever works best for a particular worker. If you want to pay for any kind of sex work, this can be done through just about any platform.

Is This Better for Both Workers and Consumers?

We’d have to say that it varies from person to person. Some people definitely enjoy getting a live service. It just adds to the fantasy of it all. Seeing a girl on a screen sometimes just isn’t enough. On the other hand, it’s still better than nothing, right? You can still receive services this way. They might be a little different or modified compared to what we all assume they are. However, it’s better than nothing.


On the other hand, there’s a lot more protection for both workers and consumers. Each of them can sit in the comfort of their home and enjoy a session or two. Also, consumers can find a lot more options searching the web than they can at a club. The benefits definitely exist.


Sex work might be a little different during the pandemic, but nobody says that’s a bad thing. In fact, many sex workers find the current situation favorable for their business. Who knows — they might even remain virtual for the remainder of their careers. There are plenty of benefits for consumers too. So sex workers have options even during the pandemic.