How to Give the Best Footjobs

So here we are. Your man mentioned he might, hypothetically speaking, have a foot fetish. Of course, if you put a disgusted face on, he’ll only have been joking just to see your reaction. But if his statement tickled your fancy, you’ll be quick to find out he wasn’t joking at all. Foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes around, as many men (and women) find something irresistible about feet. That is especially the case if you have a beautiful set of feet, which isn’t always the case.

But you’ve never touched a man’s penis with your feet, have you? If so, you likely don’t know what feels good about a footjob, when the right moment for it is, and how you should do it. Do you make him horny with a little bit of Irish step dancing? Should you make a puppet show with your toes? We’re going to give you some essential sex tips regarding a good footjob to help you out.

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When to Give a Footjob

The first thing you should think about is timing. Now, since you’re doing your research on footjobs, it’s safe to assume you’ve already gone through the conversation where he informs you what he’s into. And, being a fantastic person that you are, you’re ready to give it a shot. So how do you go about it?

The best way to do it is to incorporate it into your foreplay sex routine. The keyword here is “incorporate.” Now, obviously, the first few times you do it, it’s going to be a bigger deal than it should be. But later on, a footjob should just be a part of your foreplay to get both parties horny and ready for actual sex. You can mix things up with kissing, a handjob, and other stuff you usually do.

Additionally, this act doesn’t have to be just a pre-sex thing; you can also do it after the intercourse. For instance, let’s say you’re done with the penetration, and your man is about to shoot the money shot. You can use your feet to finish him off. That way, you can fulfill his desires (and you also don’t have to worry about getting your hair dirty).

Now, it’s time we work on the technique.

How to Give a Footjob


Let’s be honest — the first several times you do it, it will feel weird and awkward. A footjob, essentially, is giving someone a handjob with your feet. It’s not the most natural movement of the body, especially when you’ve never done it before. As a result, it does take some time to get used to it. But once it feels more commonplace, you’ll see on his face that you’re pushing the right buttons.

The first thing we should mention is the one that most people forget about — lube. Whenever sensitive parts of the body touch one another, there’s friction that makes things uncomfortable. Soles are more sensitive than your palms, and you can’t adjust the grip around someone’s penis as easily. Handjobs, scientifically speaking, are the only reason people have opposable thumbs. So, to avoid any discomfort to your feet (and his penis), use lube. We recommend using a water-based lube, which will last long enough but won’t make your feet feel too sticky or dirty. Apply the lube whenever you feel necessary.

The way you do it is you put your soles on either side of his penis. Basically, what you want to do is imitate a vagina so that you can apply pressure to his penis and masturbate it. It’s going to be difficult at first to move your legs up and down for a lengthy period. You’ll grow tired, but he can help you with that by taking over and humping your soles. That will also help you learn his preferred pace.

Bring in the Variety

Apart from changing the speed, which is basically a handjob technique, there are other things you can do to spice things up as well. For instance, as your feet are going up and down his shaft, start wiggling your toes. It provides a different sensation, and it’ll be something a guy into feet will appreciate. Then, to add even more variety, you can press his penis against his stomach with your one foot and stroke the thing with your other. You can also use one foot to press against his taint and give him an external prostate massage.

If you’re willing to experiment, you can get creative. For instance, while you’re stroking his cock with one foot, you can extend the other all the way up to his mouth. If you’re willing to do the work for him, the least he can do is kiss and lick the things he adores. Of course, you have to be into it for it not to feel weird (he’s already into it; don’t worry). Then, you can put the tip between your toes and edge him a little bit.

Basically, mess around for a while until you find what works best for both of you. You can always find further inspiration by looking up some porn videos about it. As we’ve already said, it’s a common fetish, so there’s plenty of video materials for you to get some ideas. You can even put one on and imitate what the screen talent is doing.

Give Him a Show

You can make things even hotter just by giving him a bit of eye candy. While you’re giving him a footjob, your hands are usually free to do other stuff, so put them to good use. For instance, couples during footjobs often end up in this weird human-centipede-that-fell-on-its-back position. As he’s looking at what you’re doing to him, he’ll have a clear view of the rest of your body. You can give him a show by playing with your boobs or masturbating. Not only will it help you get off, but he will also enjoy the ride even more.

It might feel weird going into it for the first time, but a footjob is an excellent activity when you get accustomed to it. Have fun!