An escort bag raid — What does a high-class escort carry in her handbag?

If you are working in an escort service, there are a few essential items you need to carry with you at all times. Some of the items on the list might be true life-savers, and you’ll start wondering how you ever lived without them in your handbag. Let’s take a look at all the essentials you need to add to your purse as soon as possible. 


One of the first things you might notice in a bag of a high-class escort is a fresh pair of underwear. And the reason for that is more than obvious. There is a chance you’ll be meeting more than one client in a day, and the last thing you need is to wear used ones. Especially if they are involved in the action. 

Being an escort means that you’ll meet all kinds of clients, and some of them love involving panties in a session. 

A Book

Why would you need a book if you’re going to meet a client? Well, sex might be boring, and a good book is an excellent way to pass the time. Besides that, having a book is almost like a perfect pickup line. When you see someone reading a book, you might be interested in what else they like. It might be your favorite book ever! 


And just like that, you have so much in common with a person reading it. Furthermore, if you see someone reading a book in a public place, there is a high chance they aren’t waiting for someone. That means you can approach them and say hi.

Dry Shampoo

Some guys have bad aim. It’s as simple as that. But at the same time, there are those that are real-life William Tells, and they love cumming in hair. Whatever the reason may be, the last thing you need is to meet with the next client with cum in your hair. 


Your goal is to make yourself presentable, be professional, and sometimes, you won’t have enough time to style your hair the way you’d like to. Solution? Dry shampoo, of course.


“Oh my god, I feel so bad. Somehow, I forgot to buy condoms. We can do it without it?” And just like that, you pull a condom out of your handbag like David Copperfield. The audience is agog! Excitement! Applause! That would be a perfect scenario. In reality, however, there is a chance your client will be a bit disappointed. 

Working as a sex worker means that you need to worry about your health, and having sex without protection is a big no. 


You can use lubricants in so many different ways. They are an excellent tool for massages, anal sex, and vaginal intercourse. It is also important if you are meeting more than one client since the last thing you need is being sore down there. 


Using a lube can also be helpful if you don’t find your customer attractive. But even if you did, it would make everything more interesting. While lubes are essential for anal sex, they make a great addition to other types as well. 

Phone Charger

You never know how long you’ll be away from home. Having a phone charger will allow you to always be available, and that you can contact someone in case of an emergency. You don’t want your phone to die while meeting a stranger. But even if we don’t go through the creepy alley, an empty battery means that no one can call you and book an appointment. 


It is essential if you want to have a successful career and stay in contact with your old and new clients.


Why would you need a wallet? To put tons of cash you earn in it! It’s simple. Plus, if you are a sex worker, you might be able to buy yourself a beautiful expensive wallet that you’ll always want to have by your side. 


The alternative sounds terrible. You would have to dig through all the condoms and books in your purse to find a couple of bills to buy something. It’s bad. And you should be classy. Of course, this isn’t as essential as some items on the list. 

Toothbrush and Makeup

Having a chance to brush your teeth before meeting someone seems like a blessing from heaven. Such a small thing can do wonders for one’s confidence, and it will allow you to feel free, especially if you are meeting a couple of people during the day. As for the makeup, the reasons are self-explanatory. You want to look your best, and you can’t show up on a date with messy makeup.


It can solve a lot of problems and allow you to look stunning regardless of the time of day. 

Sex Toys

Sex toys are designed to make things interesting. By things, we mean sex. And having one with you can make a world of difference. If you need a bit more stimulation to take you over the edge, all you need to do is pull a vibrator out of your bag and enjoy yourself. 

The most popular toys are butt plugs and vibrators, and they can be more than helpful if your client is boring. Since they might be weirded out if you start reading your book, sex toys are the next best option.


Having enough cash can solve a lot of problems. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to buy something, and using a credit card is not an option. The majority of sex workers use cash since their job might be off the books. 


It is also possible that you will receive all payments in cash, but that’s completely up to you. And there’s no need to explain why someone would want to have cash in their handbag. Who wouldn’t?