8 Rules of Etiquette When Using an Escort Service for a Date

What are some essential rules of etiquette when dating an escort? Before you arrange a date with an escort agency, you need to be aware of some dos and don’ts. 

Here are eight rules of etiquette when using an escort service for a date

Make Sure You’re Not Unkempt 

Dating an escort is very similar to dating anyone else. Therefore, you should always look neat and presentable. Avoid turning up to your date with unwashed hair or old clothes. You shouldn’t look sloppy for any type of date. If you look ragged and dirty, your escort will get turned off quickly. Escorts care a lot about their appearance, and they’ll expect you to do the same. Fortunately, it’s easy to follow this rule by simply staying clean. You could get a haircut or find new clothes that will make you look your best.

Be Prepared for Conversation

Dynamic conversations are a requirement for great dates. If you’re too quiet, you could come off as a big mood killer. Some people may be intimidated by talking to beautiful escorts, though. But, the best way to overcome these fears is to be yourself and try to strike up the convo. 


If you’re shy, you’ll need to prepare. Consider some cool topics that you enjoy and memorize them. Then, cover them during the date. That will help you to avoid awkward silences. Also, it will keep your escort entertained. Still, try not to overdo it. Memorize your conversation topics but bring them up spontaneously — you don’t want your date to think that you are just reading things off a list. 

Don’t Get Too Personal

When you’re with an escort, try not to question her about her work too much. Even if your date gets personal and you share some intimate moments together, she may not want to reveal some details of their life to you. 


You should avoid all questions related to the escort’s private life. This is mainly due to the nature of her job. For instance, she could keep her parents in the dark about her job. If she shared some of that information with her clients, it could cause big problems. 


Additionally, it’s very common for clients to obsess about their escorts and even fall in love. They can get too personal and end up stalking the escort on social media or asking for her private phone number. Try to keep things light and ask your escort about her interests or hobbies, but don’t make her uncomfortable with personal questions. 

Answer Her Questions

If she asks any personal questions, answer them. Obviously, that’s a bit unfair since you’re not allowed to ask private questions. However, this is quite common, and it’s a way for escorts to make sure that they are in safe hands. 


They could ask a few basic personal questions to assess you before the date goes any further. That could include simple questions about your life and work. If you feel that sharing some information could endanger you, you don’t have to share all the details. 

Be Honest About What You Expect From the Escort

Dating an escort is just like dating anyone else. You should be clear with your intentions from the get-go. What’s more, you shouldn’t expect your escort to know what you want. When you arrange the date, you should talk to her in advance and discuss your expectations or plans. 


Don’t surprise your escort by changing your plans during the date. Bear in mind that sex is not always guaranteed and that not all escorts offer it to their clients. If you are looking to get laid, state your intentions before the date. 

Don’t Get Drunk

If it’s your first time with an escort, try to stay calm. While it’s okay to feel nervous, you shouldn’t take the edge off by getting wasted. One drink is acceptable because it can calm you down, but downing a bunch of shots before your date will definitely not end well. It will leave a poor impression, and it could put your date at risk. 


If you want to party with your escort, you’ll have to tell them before your date. Not all escorts are willing to get hammered and party all night with their clients. So talk about their rules regarding alcohol before that. 

Have the Exact Fee Ready

Before you get to the date, you’ll need to prepare the fee in advance. Always bring cash in the exact amount. Avoid coins and don’t ask for change. It’s your responsibility to discuss the fee and bring the correct amount to the date. Moreover, leave the money in an envelope and give it to her at the start of your date. It’s customary to ask your escort to count it. This will reduce some of the awkwardness related to the payment. You could also count the cash together to avoid misunderstandings. 


Treat Her with Respect

Last but not least, you need to treat your escort with the utmost respect. This is the golden rule. You shouldn’t think less of your escort because you are paying her for the date. 


Even if you mess up with some of the previous rules we’ve shared, your date could go smoothly if you act in a respectful and polite manner. Above all, remember that your escort is offering a professional service. You need to treat her like a professional, but you also need to know that she is dating you because it’s her job. 

Even if she has fun with you, it doesn’t mean that she wants to have an intimate relationship. Therefore, always keep your relationship transactional. Imagine a chef that cooks dinner for you at his restaurant. You wouldn’t expect him to come home with you and prepare your meals for free after you’ve paid the bill at the restaurant. 


Dates with an escort can be highly rewarding and satisfying if you’re ready and you know the rules of the game. So take it slow, learn the rules, and your date will go smoothly! Have fun!